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Price and availability of the product:

The prices and availability of the products of the Web are valid except stocks. Orders will be processed by order of date of receipt, hour, day and second.

In the event of the end of the stocks of a requested product, the customer will be immediately informed in cases where a product with similar characteristics and benefits or a new delivery period or the refund of the amount paid will be offered. Advanced if it was the case in a maximum of 48 hours. Please check exact availability of the product in the warehouse indicated in the form, the possibilities are as follows: Delivery 24h (Available), Delivery in 48 / 72h (Item being input ordered on demand), Delivery between 4 / 12 days (item being entered into the warehouse), the product whose entry date is indicated is always approximate and may vary from one to two days from the date indicated.

Delivery time and deliveries with defects:

The delivery time of each item will depend on the availability of it and this is indicated in the product sheet. The delivery time also depends on the payment method selected at the time of the order.

From this moment, the order will be processed and sent if you have selected this option, or you can pick it up directly at our store, as soon as you receive the copy of the invoice by email. In all cases, the order must be executed no later than 30 days from the day following the day you made the payment. The delivery time begins at 4:00 am after the order, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

In the case where the product arrives in defective or deteriorated conditions generally due to transport, it will be exchanged for the same product in perfect condition, without additional costs. In this sense, if you inform us of the incident within 24 hours of receipt of the order or note on the carrier's delivery slip the damage you have detected during the delivery of your order, for example a wet package , an open or unsealed package, blunt packaging, open plastic, etc., the mediator's insurance will be directly responsible for the damage caused and the management of the incident will be shorter.

IMPORTANT: In case of collection directly from our store, the customer must check the condition of the product at the time of collection.

IMPORTANT: you must inform us within 24 hours after the delivery of the product of the deterioration, the rupture of the shipment for reasons attributable to transport, by email to [email protected], by phone at +376 841 042 during this period, as well as by e-mail. The transport company used for delivery. Outside this period, the insurance mediator will not be liable for damages caused by him. Please inspect the product the same day of delivery to avoid any complications during a possible claim.

The taxes:

The prices listed on are net and include 4.5% of IGI.

Initial guarantee of operation. (First 7 days):

At, our maximum goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we want to make sure that the product you have purchased from our store is in perfect working condition and has no manufacturing defects. If the purchased product has a defect, a malfunction or any defect in the factory, it has a period of 7 working days from the day of receipt of the goods to request the return and exchange for a new, In the event that the product is defective, we will make the change immediately, at no cost, at your expense.

* Our technical service will evaluate the detected failure and approve the immediate replacement within a maximum of 72 hours. If, on the other hand, the product has no manufacturing defect and the defect is motivated by misuse, lack of information in use, improper installation, improper use by the customer, immediate return of the same will be made by a cash back with transport costs and additional service charge of 36 euros per hour.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you consult before returning to our after-sales service, 95% of the claims submitted during the initial 7 day period are resolved immediately by offering the customer the appropriate information and instructions. of use or installation, we have saved many expenses, time, travel and inconvenience.

Legal guarantee of conformity (24 months):

In accordance with the provisions of Law 13/2013